CELAES in Miami Today

View the recent feature on CELAES 2016 in the printed version of Miami Today Read more

The Hacker’s Most Powerful Secret Weapon

Unlike the average criminal, hackers are building, and have access to some of the most sophisticated tools in the world. But what is their most powerful tool and how are you helping them improve it almost every day? Read more

The OAS Goes Beyond Borders to Fight Cybercrime

In our own hemisphere, the OAS is acutely aware of the dangers of cyber attacks on the critical infrastructure in our hemisphere. Their concern is not just an idle worry. They have the data to support the need for increased preparedness in all their member countries. Read more

So Many E Mails, So Little Time

David Stelzl, author of the new book Data @ Risk, due out this fall, is one of the year’s most sought after speakers.   At the upcoming CELAES Bank Security Conference in Miami in October, Stelzl will address the problems resulting from our era of digital data and fast transactions.   His topic:  How to Stop the Unauthorized Transfer of Digital Money – The Executive’s Guide to Stopping the Greatest Transfer of Wealth in History – YOUR DATA. Read more

SWIFT Attack Secrets Revealed

The banking industry is still reeling from the attempted theft of US$951 million, spirited out of the account of a Bangladesh Bank at the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.  Customized malware, likely assisted by a “trusted insider”, was able to defeat the super-secure SWIFT messaging system. Read more